Preparatory Security Research Workshops

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In preparing the content of the SRE three preparatory workshops are held. Each will deliver a whitepaper which feeds into the main programme of the SRE.

ENLETS EMPACT Security Research Workshop

The ENLETS EMPACT Security Research Workshop with support of the European Commission (DG Migration and Home Affairs) was the first preparatory workshop and was held at the HSD Campus on 15 and 16 December. Click here for a short report of this workshop. 

ENLETS Joint Valu€ Security Research Workshop

On 20 and 21 January the Joint Valu€ Security Research Workshop was held in Amsterdam. This workshop was organised by the ‘Fiscale Inlichtingen en Opsporingsdienst’ (FIOD) of the Tax Department ) with support of the European Commission (DG Migration and Home Affairs). In the Netherlands, the FIOD, is the specialised law enforcement agency in the area of financial investigations.

Almost hundred practitioners on financial investigations attended with a representation of 26 of the 28 European Union Member states. The FIOD is aware that the world in which law enforcement and investigation authorities operate changes every day. Technological developments make things possible that we could not have imagined twenty-five years ago. Forms of communication, producing things, transporting goods, the way in which transactions take place are changing constantly, not only in legal, but also in illegal businesses. to effectively fight serious financial cross border criminality, international cooperation between law enforcement agencies specialised in these types of crimes, is a necessity. This why the FIOD wants to contribute to strengthening European Cooperation in combatting financial crime.

The workshop consisted of several keynotes a number of workshops. The keynotes addressed the changing world, the FIOD method on financial crime and the role of technology. Topics that were addressed at the workshops were amongst others: Gold case approach, New payment methods, Deep web, Trend watching and establishing anti money laundering centers. Finally there were two World Cafés on seizing criminal assets and general topics. The results of the Joint Valu€ workshop will be worked out in a white paper which will feed into the content of the SRE.

ENLETS Workshop Capacity building

The third preparatory workshop will be organised by ENLETS on 22 and 23 March at the HSD Campus and will address Capacity building.