ICARUS (Integrated Components for Assisted Rescue and Unmanned Search Opperations) [EC Funded]

In the event of a large crisis, a primordial task of the fire and rescue services is the search for human survivors on the incident site. This is a complex and dangerous task, which often leads to loss of lives. The introduction of unmanned search and rescue devices can offer a valuable tool for saving human lives and speeding up the search and rescue process. Therefore, ICARUS concentrates on the development of unmanned search and rescue technologies for detecting, locating and rescuing humans. In this context, there is vast literature on research efforts towards the development of unmanned search and rescue (SAR) tools. However, in the field, unmanned SAR tools still have great difficulty finding their way to the end-users.

The ICARUS project addresses these issues, aiming to bridge the gap between the research community and end-users, by developing a toolbox of integrated components for unmanned search and rescue. The objective of the ICARUS project is to develop robots which have the primary task of gathering data. The unmanned SAR devices are foreseen to be the first explorers of the area, as well as in situ supporters to act as safeguards for human personnel.

In order not to increase the cognitive load of the human crisis managers, the unmanned SAR devices will be designed to navigate individually or cooperatively and to follow high-level instructions from the base station. The robots connect wirelessly to the base station and to each other, using a wireless self-organising cognitive network of mobile communication nodes which adapts to the terrain. The unmanned SAR devices are equipped with sensors that detect the presence of humans.

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