Workshop: Strengthening cooperation between European Security Clusters

14:00 - 15:00 hrs
North America Room

Europe has chosen for smart specialisation as a strategy to enforce the economic power of regions. In Europe, a number of regional safety and security clusters do actively stimulate collaboration between public and private parties, academia and R&D organisations, to effectively develop security solutions. Smart specialisation (focus and mass) is key for an excellent know-how base, that creates innovative ideas and solutions for societal benefit and also brings economic value to the regions (employment and business).


The Hague Security Delta has taken the initiative to stimulate cooperation with other regions that are strong in safety and security. First steps have been made, connecting to regions in France (Aix-en-Provence – SAFE Cluster), Denmark (Denmark - CenSec), Finland (Tampere – Safety and Security Region) and Germany (Karlsruhe – KIT, Munich – Security Cluster). The ambition is to jointly stimulate innovation in the security domain. This will ultimately lead to European solutions, reduce fragmentations and create industrial opportunities for systems and processes that are world class. Starting point is to share experiences and practices,  promote education, create and share high quality facilities, support the exchange of people and seek for common action and cooperation in (European) research programmes. 


The clusters now take the initiative to further strengthen their cooperation and to further develop a broader European alliance of security clusters, bringing together relevant security stakeholders in Europe and promote an optimal interaction between regional, national and European developments. At the same time this collaboration can be exemplary for Europe’s smart specialisation strategy for economic development.

This workshop will be organised by the mentioned security clusters and will the explain the goals, aims and activities of the cooperation. As the aim is to broaden the cooperation, other clusters, regions and stakeholders are invited to join the discussion and together start up a constructive dialogue on how they can participate and enlarge the initiative.


European Clusters


The Hague Security Delta