Workshop Novaccent VAMP

13:00 - 14:00 hrs
North America Room

This workshop will discuss the possibilities to manage vulnerabilities that are present in your organisation. Coping with many results from multiple vulnerability scans can be a daunting task. Especially with a vast amount of various assets, those responsible, and the sheer size of vulnerabilities found. Scanning for vulnerabilities is relatively easy, however ensuring a quick follow up for remediation can be a defiant task.

Many organisations struggle nowadays with mitigation of vulnerabilities. The lack of security controls and vulnerability remediation is a difficult and cumbersome process to undertake. This is especially the case within large enterprises with many assets and those responsible.

Todays scanners have strong analytical capabilities, however are lacking in a strong tool set for actual mitigation of vulnerabilities. The process becomes even more complex when multiple scanners are adopted within the organisation. In addition, there are many other resources within the organisation which directly support mitigation such as asset management (CMDB).

Staying in control of the vast amount of security scan results, continuously changing and volatile landscapes, multiple resources, and actual remediation is a complex task.