EC Workshop Forensics

18:00 - 18:20 hrs
World Forum Theater

Forensics research: forging stronger links to prosecution

This workshop will be a direct follow on and integral part of the panel discussion of the SRE Conference. Those who are interested in forensics can discuss further with project coordinators and the panellists so that they can look through in-depth what security research can do for policy making in the future.

The main objective of the workshop is to further discuss the role of the research community in establishing the "European Forensic Science Area 2020 which should be the results of  the political impetus given by the EU Members States. Forensic community leaders, researchers and practionesr will debate what guidelines should frame the EU’s research programme and its contribution to this important objective of how to improve criminal prosecution and judicial administration across the EU.

Session Chair: Michele Socco (DG HOME, EC)
Peter M. Schneider (Coordinator of  EUROFORGEN project, DE)
Arie IJzerman (Chair of the COSI)
Jan De Kinder (Chair of ENFSI)
Dominique Saint-Dizier (Division Head,  Forensic Institute, FR)