EC Workshop ENLETS-topic on financial investigation

17:10 - 17:50 hrs
EC Workshop Space

ENLETS-topic on financial investigation

Turning the tables on criminal assets: recovery techniques

This workshop will be a follow on of the panel discussion of the SRE Conference. Those who are interested in financial investigations and fraud can discuss further with project coordinators and the panellists so that they can look through in-depth what security research can do for policy making in the future.

Financial investigations and fraud detection are geared towards the strengthening of European cooperation in the field of financial crime. Technological developments make things possible that we could not have imagined twenty-five years ago. Forms of communication, producing things, transporting goods, the way in which transactions take place are changing constantely, not only in legal, but also in illegal businesses. To effectively fight serious financial cross border criminality, international cooperation between law enforcement agencies specialized in these types of crimes, is a necessity.

This workshop will discuss how to boost European cooperation in the field of financial investigations. New technologies and methods will be reviewed for fighting money laundering, enabling criminal asset recovery (“Follow the money, follow the value.”) and seizing criminal property.

EU Member States see the usefulness and necessity of strengthened international cooperation. The various Member States experience (a greater) internationalisation of crime and want to explore possibilities to achieve strengthened cooperation on financial investigations and more specifically in the field of recovery, exchange of technologies and methods on financial investigations,  trend watching, Gold case/Combination team and Deep Web.

This workshop will further explore the developments in de area of security research and the added value of that research for financial investigations. Various research facilities conduct research into digital forensics, forensic technologies and data processing. These developments can contribute to facilitating the processing of large amounts of data in financial investigations. Furthermore, the research on cyber security is also interesting for the field of financial investigations. More and more (financial) crimes are also taking place in the digital world, for instance phishing, marketplaces on the Deepweb and New Payment Methods.

Session Chair : Bobby McFaul (Young Professional, Criminologist and Officer Strategic Intelligence on the Underground Economy of  FIOD)
Michael Gilligan (Revenue's head of central investigations for tax and customs, IE)
Roan Lamp (Appointed Professor of Financial Criminal Law, VU University Amsterdam, NL)
Hans van der Vlist (Director of the Fiscal Intelligence and Investigations Service (FIOD), NL)
Sylvie C. Bleker-van Eyk (Director of Deloitte Risk Services B.V., NL)


Bobby McFaul