Workshop DENARS

11:00 - 12:00 hrs
North America Room

Nascent technologies like the UETP internet protocol and DENARS entity directory service will enable a next evolutionary step in the development of the internet. The 'internet of entities' enables people, organisations, products, goods, services, assets, devices, rules, information, contexts or transactions to link and interact point-to-point with each other atomically, just like websites link with each other today. The following picture illustrates the difference between the traditional internet and the 'internet of entities':


The good news is that privacy-, data protection- and surveillance management can simultaneously be improved in a global point-to-point internet of entities. Yet this requires the establishment of a pragmatic, effective and efficient framework, based on implemented law and international cooperation.

In this workshop, we provide a background to the internet of entities, its fast global across-sectors emergence and the open technologies of UETP and DENARS that facilitate the internet of entities. 

The internet of entities is an 'internet of everyone and everything'. After this introduction we will work with participants on the case “how to manage common and distributed 'backdoor' functionalities on the internet of entities?”

We will focus on 1) (process) requirements and 2) principles required for such solutions to work. When time is left, we can add 3) what issues need to be dealt with.
The input and feedback will be used in the further development of UETP and DENARS.