Workshop IFFC: Data Leakage, Financial Crime, and IT Security

15:00 - 16:00 hrs
North America Room

This interactive workshop, facilitated by the Institute for Financial Crime (IFFC), focuses on IT security and data leakage, which can have significant economic and political implications as recently shown by the Panama Papers. From political leaders to businesses and consumers, everyone can fall victim to a data leakage. On the other hand, such data can also be used by authorities in their investigations on fraud and money laundering. What will the importance be of such new ‘sources’ of information in combatting financial crime? What are the privacy constraints? And how can organisations protect themselves against data theft and leaking? These and other questions will be raised in the programme with the following speakers:

- Hack lab by a consultant of the  Deloitte Hacking Team (Four-Times Winner of the Global CyberLympics Security Challenge). 
- High Tech Crime Unit National Police, on how to investigate cyber financial crime.
- Prof. Gerrit-Jan Zwenne, Leiden University, on the Panama Papers and data leakage as an instrument for investigation. 
- Moderator Ton Wagemans; he is the managing partner of Considerati a consultancy specialised in the legal and policy aspects of new technologies with a strong focus on privacy and cybercrime and winner of the IAPP Innovation Award.


Institute for Financial Crime
Prof. Gerrit-Jan Zwenne, Leiden University
Ton Wagemans, Considerati


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