EC Panel Discussion: Radicalisation/Terrorism

10:45 - 12:00 hrs
World Forum Theater

Research on radicalisation: a concrete contribution to policy making.

The aim of the session is to provide an overview of the needs of policy makers and security practitioners to best contrast the violent radicalisation phenomena.
Moreover, a concrete example of research in the anti-radicalisation field will be presented to the audience in order to show how research could respond to the above mentioned needs. Participants will discuss best practices and remaining gaps in the understanding and facing the radicalisation discourse and process, focussing on the bridge between research and policy making.


Session chair: Gillian Youngs (PASAG Vice-Chair and  Professor, Head of Innovation and Impact, Westminster School of Media, Arts and Design, University of Westminster, UK)
Tony van Vliet (Representative of SAFIRE project, NL)
Magnus Ranstorp (Quality Manager, RAN-CoE)
Alastair Reed (Research Coordinator and Fellow, ICCT)


Gillian Youngs